Malcesine (Malsésen in the local dialect) is an Italian town of nearly 4000 people, belonging to the province of Verona. It is about 60 kilometers from the capital and is the northernmost of the resort overlooking the Veneto side of Lake Garda. The territory that belongs to the town is characterized by a strong difference in height: it starts from the lake level (65 m) and it reaches the hit of Monte Baldo (2,218 m asl), covering a surface of about 68 km².

Built around the Scaliger Castle and the historic Palace of the Captains, the village of Malcesine preserves intact its medieval origins, evidenced by a fascinating maze of streets enclosed within the old walls. In these streets that go down from the castle to the marina we find many workshops of painters, sculptors and artisans who display their works. Moreover Malcesine with its romantic corners and has always been the goal and refuge for numerous artists. Over the centuries, for example, have stayed there the famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, to which a room on the Medieval Castle is dedicated, and the famous painter Gustav Klimt,, who portrayed a couple of paintings of the town, have stayed here.

Thanks to the moderating effect of Lake Garda, the climate of Malcesine guarantees almost all year round optimal conditions for magnificent walks in a charming Mediterranean atmosphere and is particularly suitable for the cultivation of the olive tree, ensuring the production of a unique extra virgin olive oil, pride of local producers.

During the summer the harbor of Malcesine can be reached by boat or ferry some of the other major resorts around Lake Garda Riva such as, in Trentino, and Limone, on the Lombard side. Throughout this region also, the choice of restaurants, pubs and clubs is particularly rich and in this regard it is useful to mention that on the lower lake, a few kilometers from Malcesine, there are Gardaland and other theme parks.

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